Flesh & Blood ProQuest Q2 2022 Event Ticket - June 4th 10:00AM MT

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We are proud to announce that Fabled Collections will be hosting a ProQuest event! Join us for a chance to compete for a Pro Tour Invitation as well as rare and unique prizes released special for this event (including a random Gold Foil). We have reserved a large event space to accommodate as many players as possible, but only the winner of the event will be invited to join the Pro Tour.


Date: June 4th 

Time: 10:00AM MT


Masonic Lodge

1820 S St Vrain Ave

Estes Park, CO

Price: $25


1st Prize

  • 1x Random Drop Gold Cold Foil Weapon or Equipment
  • 1x Box of Limited Edition Dragon Shield Fyendal's Spring Tunic Sleeves
  • 1x Pro Tour Invitation

2nd - 8th Prize

  • 1x Box of Limited Edition Dragon Shield Fyendal's Spring Tunic Sleeves

    Other Prizes

    • Flesh and Blood Products will be raffled off randomly throughout the event (quantity and frequency of raffles will depend on number of participants).


    Format: Classic Constructed (https://fabtcg.com/resources/gameplay-formats/classic-constructed/)  


    Players Swiss Rounds Top Cut
    8 3 None
    9-16 4 Top 4
    17- 32 5 Top 8
    33-64 6 Top 8
    64 - 128 7 Top 8
    ProQuest Event Structure


    To make communication easy, join our discord! https://discord.gg/Hbkvcq4gJS


    Note that DECKLISTS ARE MANDATORY and will be checked and submitted to LSS. Decklist forms can be found here: fab_deck_resgistration_sheet_3 (storage.googleapis.com)

    After purchasing an event ticket, you will be emailed all pertinent information including additional scheduling details and how to submit your decklist and GEM Player ID. 

     *** REQUIRED: Complete this form https://forms.gle/5gdutk7mFiLxPGyV6 ***

    If you have any questions, please email kyle@fabledcollections.com  

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