Flesh and Blood Online Blitz Event 5/1/22

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This is an On-Demand event, run online in Discord. If you have not played online with us previously, please send kyle@fabledcollections.com an email for guidance.


Format for this event is BLITZ


Event will begin at 7:00pm MT/9:00pm ET on Sunday 5/1/22.


Prize pool will begin with 3 packs of CRU Unlimited if we have 5 or less participants, and then for each additional 5 people that join we will increase the prize pool by 3 packs of another Unlimited FaB set that is in stock (currently MON and TOA Unlimited are available). As this is a casual event, all prizes are awarded randomly with sets of 3 packs going to one person.


PLEASE NOTE: We welcome the international community to join us for this event. However, players outside of the USA will be charged for shipping costs if they win a prize.

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