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Join us in a celebration of the set that started it all! This is a "Fairwell to Welcome to Rathe" event, where we will draft WTR (twice!), get Cold Foil Young Heroes (one for each participant!), and laugh (or possibly cry a little) about how much fun this set is and how great it was to have around while it lasted!!

There are a limited number of spots available for this event, you will need to purchase a ticket ahead of time to reserve your seat. This will be the last chance we have to draft WTR, so don't miss out!

Event Date:  1/30/2022 beginning at 1pm

We will be following the recommended event structure, which is 1 event with a player cap of 16 players, and the event running as follows:

  • Two 8-player draft pods, then play 3 rounds of swiss (within your pod).
  • Two 8-player draft pods (podded based on standings after round 3), then play 3 rounds of swiss.
  • Prizes awarded based on standings after 6 rounds of swiss (top players get to pick their CF Hero first).

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